Meet our team members who has been working with iDeologyLabs to make it a perfect gift to the design world. Their years of hard work which make iDeologyLabs to grow up to the  top most. Our team members are very talented to make all our client 100% satisfied.

Sayana | Senior Developer

Develops your dream web apps

Sayana is working as senior developer in iDeologyLabs team. She started her career in web development in 2008 after achieving Bachelor Degree. She worked as developer in a few companies, from where she got a hands on experience. From simple CMS websites to complex web application, she handles everything. Focused mainly on WordPress, Joomla and expertize in all new technologies.

Jithesh | Senior Graphic Designer

Designs anything creatively

Jithesh has been with the iDeologyLabs team since January 2013. He did his design studies in Arena Multimedia and spent 4 years working as a graphic designer in a few companies from where he gained valuable experience and knowledge working with computer graphics. He manages design projects with his aesthetic design qualities. He started as a designer 7 years down the line and now leads the show with style.